Monday, October 8, 2007

Doing the happy dance on

Out of the hundreds of slide sets uploaded to each day, my slides that I made about "What is Library 2.0?" is's Slidecast of the day today. It's the one I linked to from the Week 5 post on 23 Things.

A slidecast is an audio track with slides synchronised to change at cued places during the talk.

Last night I was practicing my talk for Thursday, to make sure I could say what I needed in 20 minutes, and I had Audacity open as I did it. I edited out a few umms and errrs, published it as an mp3 on the server and linked it to the slides. A bit of cueing later and I had a slidecast ready to give the link out to participants on Thursday.

Except someone at obviously liked the cut of its jib and published it on the front page. Erk! That's my 15 minutes of fame done for this lifetime.

Here is the slidecast. Press the little green arrow to play.

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