Sunday, August 26, 2007

Goals / obstacles / toolkit


1. To learn better how to accomodate people of different abilities in hands on workshops.

2. To read every post made by every participant (if we get 20 and they post only the minimum of 12 posts, then that would be...let's see...240 posts ...over 3 months, this is managable. 30 - 360. 40 - 480 0r almost 500...hmmm...).

3. Not to rush each post on the 23 things blog.

4. To provide something comprehensive enough to be worthwhile reading, but not so full of detail that it wastes people's time.

5. To have some fun and try to play along with the participants at the same time in this blog.


1. Time. Need to be very disciplined to focus on the core tasks involved.

2. Perfectionism. I need to accept that some weeks I'll not be able to do the perfect job I'd like to do - that I'm still getting something out of it anyhow

3. Desire to please people. I want it to be fun and a postive learning experience for people, but I also need to sit back and let paticipants take responsibility for their own learning.

4. Other tasks I need to prioritise my 23 Things work for the next 3 months, but I have other projects that I need to do too. Sometimes I will need to cut back a bit on the 23 Things work to get the rest done.


1. Headphones
2. Quiet space
3. Time to think about each tool before I post
4. RSS feeds for each participant blog and a well organised feed reader
5. Separate accounts in my libkat user name for the duration of this project
6. Digital camera
7. Timetable of weekly goals
8. Mindfulness

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