Thursday, August 30, 2007

Central TAFE library are doing it - me too !

I'm a shameless idea pilferer. For their image generator week in their 23 Things, one of the TAFE librarians played with to make a slideshow about their trip to the New Norcia Lecture.

I nosed over to the site, pointed to the Flickr set I uploaded on the day of the "Library 2.0 on the loose" unconference, chose an effect, whacked on a soundtrack and copied the code to paste here. If I hadn't had so much fun tinkering with the different effects, I could have done the whole thing in 3 minutes, max. Is fun. I like. Can be useful?

UPDATE: Is a bit too flashy for me - soundtrack is overkill and I can't work out how to stop the jolly thing once it is playing in the blog page - without refreshing the page.

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