Monday, September 17, 2007

69 Things marked off

Wow! There are smilies or dates or checks in 69 boxes on the chart already.

Some people have not emailed me their blog address, but have ticked off their blog on the chart, or entered the blog address there. I'm not sure whether they are ready to have it added to the list of participant blogs yet. Probably they are - but I'd hate to post a link to something that people don't want others to know about yet. I'll add a note about it when I send out the next two Things.

I'll also send a note out asking people who work ahead to find my "libkat" profiles rather than my real profile. Someone has already friended the Facebook libkat one, and another person has friended my real twitter account. I guess I don't mind..but it feels kind of funny.... As one of my twitter friends said last night after he found his mum and sister on Facebook - "The real world is beginning to invade Facebook and I'm not sure I like it".

If anyone is reading this, the twitter account to friend is and the Facebook one is

I have the first workshop tomorrow. Mr9 is going into Princess Margaret to have his teeth done under a general anaesthetic, so I'm not sure I'll be 100% focussed on the task at hand. Poor kid has to be there from 10 - 6 :(