Monday, October 20, 2008

THINGS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

THING 1: I've read the "About" and "Timetable" pages - heck I wrote them, so I should know what they say.

Lifelong learning habit that is easiest for me - probably playing, followed closely by teaching/mentoring others. Sounds really corny but I find that whenever I teach people something, I often learn more about it than I would with independent learning. Others can ask questions or suggest an approach that I often haven't thought of. I like that.

Lifelong learning habit that is hardest for me - beginning with an end in mind. I like it when my learning meanders and takes me places I didn't expect. I like learning for learning's sake, and as part of an overall often just jump in without a goal.

My goals for this 23 Things session
* To learn more about how other people learn
* To help others grow and develop their skills in teaching and presentation
* To learn from my colleagues
* To do every Thing as quickly as possible after it is published so I have an idea of what participants are going through
* To use unusual publishing tools to create pretty embeddable graphics and movies in my blog posts.

What I need in my learning toolkit
* Moderation - I need to do this to the best of my ability but balance it with other commitments
* Patience to support other people who are doing for the first time what I have done oodles of time before
* Some groovy graphics and some nice publishing tools.
* Webcam

My gmail address, if anyone wants to know is: libkat(at)

Here's the blog.

Just about to tick off these things now.

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