Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why am I trying to use video in my 23 Things Blog ?

This exchange between me and Connie Crosby on seesmic explains why. Connie had just conducted a workshop about video etc at Internet Librarian 2008 and was questioning why she doesn't tell more stories using video. I replied telling her about how I find it hard to socially find a way to ask people to talk to my video camera - but I want to learn how to do it. She answers with her experience with trying to get people on her podcast - suggesting that after hearing Howard Rheingold keynote the conference - there are new literacy skills involving knowing how to talk into a video camera, how to create movies.

Internet Librarian - Connie's Day 2 Wrap-upConnie talks about being newly inspired at Internet Librarian. Check out for more info.

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