Thursday, October 30, 2008

week 3: Thing 7 and 8 - Firefox

I have been using Firefox and extensions for quite a while now. It's ironic, I'm using google's chrome browser to make this post :) It is much lighter-weight and requires less processing from the PC, so I use it for reading. It's not so great for editing, so I tend to edit things in Firefox.

I still use Internet Explorer to read my Outlook Webmail from home as - suspiciously - this Microsoft product only works properly with the Microsoft reader.

The major Firefox extensions I use are:
  • Colourful tabs - which makes each tab display in a different colour
  • toolbar - lets me tag things instantly for upload to
  • Evernote web clipper - lets me upload almost anything as a "note" in my private notes database
  • Greasemonkey - allows me to run a number of little useful scripts that do other things
  • Meebo - instant messaging
  • OpenURL referrer - from OCLC - I was fiddling with it for the Web Presence project
  • Remember the Milk for gmail - puts a "to do" list into my gmail account
  • Ubiquity - I press [CTRL] [SPACE] and a command line appears, allowing me to just type a command and look up something on wikipedia or sent a message to twitter or something to gmail, all from one spot
  • Zotero - see Thing 8

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