Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things 9 and 10

I find Google docs extremely useful to store my travel itineraries. I can print them out to carry with me, always have an online copy to check details and times. I share them with my husband so he knows where I am at any time. If I am going to lots of places on a trip, I will create a google map too so I can check where I will be.

I use PBwiki extensively for work projects and things like the WA Library Unconference. I should get around to creating a MediaWiki installation on the webhosting I have for work , but I find that it is easier to have separate wikis that other people can "own" as much as I do. I do use the backup facility for PBwiki to ensure the data is safe - as I don't like the idea that if PBwiki company goes under, then I lose my data :(

I also like using the original version of PBwiki as a place to experiment with what is produced by the embed code from other web services. For example, I was playing with Stickam, video conferencing site with a mob of other librarians when I noticed we could embed our live output - so I whacked Jason Griffey's channel into a PBwiki wiki: Libcasting. When we were live, it looked like this:

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