Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing with a Twitter Client - Twhirl

This week I'm using the 23 Things as an excuse to play with using a Twitter Client.

Earlier this year I used Flowgram to make a little history of microblogging where I talked about the different products that tried to fill twitter's niche and the different tools to use with Twitter, Adventures in Microblogging . Flowgram is an online screencast making tool, with the difference being that the user can interact live with all the screens shown.

In the Flowgram, I mentioned that I hadn't had much time for Twitter Clients - that is pieces of software that let you access twitter without using a web browser, and allow you to do much more fancy things when you post or read tweets. The 23 Things is an excellent time to test my "tried it but didn't like it" prejudice.

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