Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twitter and Facebook

I use Facebook because I have to understand it for work. I don't use it to keep tabs on what my friends - real or imaginary - are doing. I have used it to send casual messages to "friends" that I would otherwise be too timid to email officially. Very occasionally I will use the chat function if someone I know is on at the same time.

Twitter has changed my life. I am on it almost constantly. It keeps me in touch with librarians all over the world, the Perth web community and international social media specialists. I have found a cleaner, obtained birthday entertainment for one of my children, get useful links pushed out each day, watched over twenty international conferences via the tweet streams of my friends, vented, sympathised, been incredibly silly and become up to speed with all sorts of random issues that later I discover are very useful.

I have embedded a twitter badge for my work twitter account in my work blog. It tells people when I am on campus and how to contact me each week.

I love this slideshare set that was created by Michael Sauers when some of my librarian friends tried to explain what Twitter is like ...

Twitter is like...
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