Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thing 11 and 12


I did my searches on the term "cerebral palsy". Most people (I would hope) would use more than one term and narrow down the aspect they are searching for.

I found that: Was a rather blunt instrument, although much of the focus was on childhood cerebral palsy and family issues, which I'm most interested in.

Connotea Retrieved "popular" scholarly articles of the soft education, general overview kinds, rather than hard scientific medical studies

CiteULike Retrieved scholarly articles with much more medical focus.

Murdoch University Library catalogue subject search A list of LCSH subject headings Book records, faceted searches, a tag cloud and enough to make me feel there were threads to follow to get to exactly what I wanted.

google Wikipedia entry first and then Australian entries. - because google knows who I am and where I am. The ads on the left hand side always annoy me - although I'm not sure there are any searchers who are naive enough to believe they are actual search results.

zuula - I like the ability to pick the search engine, but again a rather blunt instrument.

kartoo - I'm a very visual learner and I find this suits my style really well. I find it very easy to narrow down the search and find exactly what I wanted - even finding suggested topics that I hadn't realised I want via serendipity. Do I use this in my everyday life? Nope. Maybe I should.

Thing 12

I have been using delicious for a couple of years now - and I use it almost daily. Unfortunately I use like I used photocopying when I was a student .... I presume that if I use delicious I will actually read or go back to the items linked there. I never do really...but I live in hope...

I added 23katethings to my network. I can see this working for groups of teachers sharing their resources. I tend to use Friendfeed to pick up links from my friends on delicious.

I did discover when I did this that I have 9 fans - and real people that I know - but I'm wondering whether it should fan them back, and what the point would be...

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